Baines’ Walking Safari – Embrace Nature on Foot

Baines’ Walking Safari – Embrace Nature on Foot

If connecting with nature and experiencing the finer details in life interests you, then a walking safari experience is undoubtedly the way to go.

When choosing to do a walking safari it’s time to pack your “I’m ready to brave Africa” pants, some decent walking shoes and grab your binoculars.

There is a good chance you will have face-to-face encounters with wild animals on a walking safari experience with Baines’. This will bring a whole new dimension and meaning to the word ‘safari’, as you know it.

Don’t worry, you are safe in the hands of our trusted guides and there are always precautionary safety rules in place. You won’t end up where the predators roam, but you will encounter other wild animals. You will also learn about animal tracking, medicinal plants, the beautiful flora of Zambia and so much more as you walk through the wilderness.

There is such a sense of liberation and adrenaline walking through the bush, wondering what might be hanging around the next tree or sleeping under the next shrub.

Things to know to help ensure the best walking safari experience possible:

Dress appropriately: Since the walking safari means walking along wilderness paths with unpredictable terrain, we recommend you wear a pair of comfortable, closed and tough walking shoes. There are thorns on the ground which you could step on, so wear shoes that have a thick and solid sole.

Please bring along some sunblock and a hat to keep you from burning in the hot African sun, as well as a bottle of water and your binoculars. Lightweight clothing is also a must and will extend a little extra comfort on your journey.

Is it safe to walk in the wild? At Baines’ River Camp we ensure that your safety is a top priority when it comes to walking both inside and outside of our campgrounds. Our trusted guides know what they are doing and have the knowledge and understanding of where a lot of the wildlife is located at any given time.

What will I discover on a walking safari? The walks are an amazing way to get to know the animal kingdom on the ground.  You’ll learn how to track where different animals are and investigate the finer details of wilderness life.

There’s nothing quite like getting a different perspective on everything through a walk in the wild. It’s quite different to being driven around in a camp vehicle. Not only will you be able to view animals like elephant, buck, baboons, birds and hippos from a different perspective, you’ll also notice the little things; insects, small mammals, reptiles and uniquely adapted flora that is just waiting to be discovered.

Walking in the wilderness is a peaceful experience, you’ll get to breathe in the freshest air around and enjoy the serenity of life in the bush. It almost feels as if you are back in a time when there were no cars and man had to rely on his senses to stay alive, to eat, to drink and to make his way to greener pastures. It’s a refreshing experience for anyone to enjoy and a great way to detox from urban life.

Overall a safari trip to Zambia and specifically the Lower Zambezi National Park and it’s surrounding areas will definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

At Baines’ River Camp, we value our visitors and do our best to ensure they have the most incredible experience. Contact us today to book your stay!  

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