Why Zambia Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

Game drives lower zambezi

Why Zambia Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

A trip to Africa to see the many wonders of a continent with such a variety of wildlife and cultures, not to mention vast resources is something many people dream of doing.

But with 54 countries, deciding which one may have travellers throwing darts at a map. Choosing to visit Zambia may be one of the best travel decisions you will make. Voted one of the top 10 safest countries in the world to visit and home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls. A land area as big as France, nearly 30% of the region is protected wildlife nature reserves, a great way to see wildlife without borders. With so many reasons to visit Zambia, here is a list of our top five:

World-class African safari adventure tours.
Zambian safari tours offer a wider variety of adventure than you may realise. Game driveswalking safaris and bird watching for the ornithologists among, can all be a part of your travel experience, the best chance of seeing predators in their natural habitat. The Lower Zambezi Valley is renowned for its respectful viewing code of conduct, even in the busy season you won’t encounter many other safari vehicles out in the wild.

The safari tours are paired with luxury accommodation and spa facilities, right on the Zambezi River. Safari camps offer guest suites with amenities, wireless internet connectivity anywhere in the camp, free of charge laundry services and guest are covered for emergencies.

The mighty Victoria Falls and its Devils Pool form a site of wonder and awe.
Victoria Falls flows from the Zambezi River with its annual flood season from February to May each year, a perfect time for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere to swap winter for an African summer. The spray of mist from the falls typically rises as high as 400m during this time and can be seen from 50km away.

The Devil’s Pool sits on the edge of Victoria Falls and travellers may swim to the ledge and see over the nearly 100m drop. The Devil’s Pool is only open to small groups of visitors at a time and only when the Zambezi River water level is low. This exhilarating and exclusive experience will be something to brag to your friends about, as it’s not on your average holiday itinerary.

Africa’s fourth-longest river, the Zambezi finds its source in Zambia.
The Zambezi River flows and curves through six African countries, a distance of 2700km to find its end in the Indian Ocean. A Zambezi River Safari shows Africa’s wildlife off from a whole new perspective, herds of elephants bathing near the river beds and spotting buffalo hiding in the reeds. A perfect opportunity to take photo’s of natures most powerful at creatures or lie back and enjoy a sundowner river cruise.

Zambia is among the top 10 safest countries to travel.
Safety is a top concern when deciding on your next trip. Nobody can enjoy a hard-earned rest while stressing about being mugged or pick-pockets. This is why it’s good to know that globally, Zambia is ranked in the top 10 safest countries to travel. The rating comes from the US Department of State according to their Global Peace Index evaluation.

A vast area of Zambia’s land is reserved for wildlife conservation.
Zambia has nearly 225 784 square kilometres of nature reserves and game management areas. The Zambian people are passionate about wildlife conservation, with many government conversation programmes and NGO’s helping protect precious ecosystems and animals.

Zambian national, Ben Kanyembo, was awarded the prestigious 2019 TUSK Wildlife Ranger Award. The award was presented to Mr Kanyembo by HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, for his tireless work on behalf of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and wildlife conservation.

Few travel destinations in Africa offer quite so many bonuses international visitor’s value in a safe and exciting holiday. At Baines River Camp, the mix of a luxury holiday and wildlife adventure won’t leave visitors feeling like they’ve had a rat race of a holiday to get their monies worth. Working closely with trusted partners for activities, visitors are offered an extensive list of activities. Making Zambia an experience that is not soon forgotten.

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